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On the issues

Urbana  needs to focus on providing essential services and programs with clear goals and high expectations.   We should capitalize on community strengths to attract new residents and  encourage entrepreneurship and economic growth.   Some priorities are discussed below.

Public Safety

People value safety in their homes and neighborhoods above all else.  It is essential that we provide adequate resources for public safety staff and equipment.  Increased gun violence is the most serious public safety issue in our community.  

Hospital Property Tax Exemptions

I believe hospitals should pay their fair share to keep host communities healthy.  I support the lawsuit against Carle Hospital.   I do not think the tax exemption issue should overshadow the entire relationship with the second largest employer in Urbana. 

Public Infrastructure

My top priorities include maintaining high-quality public infrastructure and providing essential services. This provides the foundation for our quality of life and the framework for growth in Urbana.  We must also plan for the future. 

Dollars and Sense

Urbana lags behind neighboring communities in economic development, homes sales, and population growth.  There have been no new private construction projects in downtown Urbana in 12 years.  Hundreds of health care jobs are leaving the city in 2017.  Property taxes are too high and state sales and income tax revenues are falling short of projections.   We must focus on sustainable growth to help offset these losses in order to pay for core functions and much-needed programs and services.

Healthy Cities

Local government can have a profound impact on community health and well-being.   I support policies, programs, and infrastructure that foster environmental sustainability, active living and access to nutritious foods. These, in turn, promote quality of life for people of all ages and income levels.   

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